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By reading this article, we can realize that our diet is poor in antioxidants, and some might freak out. There are basically two keys to disease prevention.

The first one is to know all these information. This first step is certainly the most important of all. Without this knowledge, no improvementĀ can be made, obviously.

The second one is that, once you have the knowledge, there are three different steps that everyone can follow very easily. The first one is : do not smoke ! Everybody has heard that a million times, but, not only it costs big amounts of money to all smokers, but it is a killer, forĀ  your body and for the antioxidants that can do a great job protecting you against pollution and radicals that we cannot control. The second step is to have a good diet. It’s not more expensive to eat more vegetables and fruits instead of red meat. It might actually be even cheaper. And instead of red meat, we can also focus more on eggs, white meat like chicken or turkey or veal, and fish. Without forgetting tofu and legumes for the vegetarians. And last but not least, the third step of the prevention is to exercise. There’s no need to be an athlete, but increasing our heart beat and our heart flow is necessary for our good health. Without going to the gym or buying expensive sport devices, we can walk at a pretty good pace instead of driving, or use the stairs instead of using the elevator.

Those are simple things that can change your life and the well-being of your body. Of course, nobody can garantee that no disease will ever occur thanks to this diet, but it is our role to protect ourselves and our loved ones against the threat of this new society that is going out of control.

It may seem like we have covered a lot of ground but you don’t even know the half of it. Stay where you are because we are not done yet.