As a matter of fact, people who are eating at least two fruits and three vegetables a day have half the chance to get certain types of cancers compared to those who are not consuming any fruits or vegetables, or less than the recommended amount. Also, a large intake of animal fat, mainly found in meat, and especially all types of red meat are not good for our body, and promote certain diseases that can be avoided by consuming more fish, white meat like chicken and turkey, or eggs and tofu.

I joked to my friends when we are playing at our favorite online US slots gaming site that it’s because of my healthy diet that I do so well. We will choose among the sites offering slots for all US players on because they always have the best bonuses. My friends roll their eyes, but have come to expect “healthy” snacks of fresh raw veggies with a dip, fresh fruit, homemade cookies, and sweet potato french fries which I make before they arrive. And throughout the night as we move from a warm up of online slot games to our more serious poker games, I see them all munching away without complaint. I remember quite vividly when the hammer came down on online gambling for US players. It was 2006 when the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA was passed by Congress. All of a sudden many casinos did not accept US players due to confusion surrounding the intention and its implementation. Thank goodness that has passed. Now online casinos actually court US players and we certainly are happy to take advantage of it.

One of my older friends, Mavis Gladstone, is convinced that a robust diet can obviate the need for treatments that address aging, like bioidentical testosterone therapy, where men have their testosterone levels adjusted via injection. “It’s clear that the decline cause by aging is universal, but also very clear that the loss of hormones in males is addressable via diet.” Mavis has been helping nutritionists address specific needs of males who would otherwise seek natural male hormone treatments. “What’s more healthy, eating better, or shooting up with hormones, even if they are bioidentical?”

Gladys Block is a researcher at Berkeley, on cancer and nutrition. She made a study on 172 cases from around the world about the link between diet and cancer. The result of this research is amazing and shows the huge protective effect that fruits and vegetable s confer to almost every type of cancer. Basically, it shows that, when you are eating a lot of fruits and vegetables you are two times to three times less likely to get any type of cancer or degenerative diseases, like cardiovascular illnesses or cataracts, or any other aging-related degenerative diseases. The exception is breast cancer, where a big consumption of fruits and vegetables doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Now, for those who think that swallowing pills containing all these vitamins and antioxidants, it’s a mistake. The effects of natural vitamins and antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables have the real power to protect the cells of your body, whereas, no study has shown so far that the benefits of pills would have the same benefit.

Also, smoking is considered as an oxidative stress, as much as excessive exposure to the sun or exposure to pesticides and pollution. Basically, you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can, but if you’re smoking, it depletes all the antioxidants of your body.

There are many beneficial effects of fruits & vegetables. We have not nearly begun to discuss them in full. We still have a lot more ground to cover. Please sit back hold on & prepare to be blown away with some of the stuff we have come up with. You will be amazed to find out some of this stuff.