It is not new, fruits and vegetables are extremely good for your body. But what does good mean ? What are the real effects of these fruits and vegetables ? Well, a lot of scientists have been working of the beneficial effects of all types of fruits and vegetables on our body and our cells, and the result is pretty interesting. It might even convince some people to add more of these healthy goodies in their diet.

Certainly many people are beginning to discover the joys of edible gardening, and it is a lot easier than most people think. There is definitely a ground swell of enthusiasts who are discovering the satisfaction of eating produce they have grown themselves. Can you imagine your family donning their fleece jackets by North Face, gardening gloves, rake, bags of seeds or young plants and marching out to the start the planting in the early spring. What a healthy and satisfying way to spend more time outdoors with each other. Even those with the smallest of spaces can enjoy growing their own food with a herb garden in containers. But for those with larger gardens, the rewards and benefits of harvesting food as you need it straight from the garden are substantial. You get to eat the freshest produce possible, and save money. Many people swear that their home grown fruits and vegetables taste much better than supermarket produce.

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But, really, whether you grow your own fruits and vegetables of buy them at the grocery store, the main words that are blindingly obvious in all types of articles we can read about the benefits of eating a lot of fruits and vegetables are “vitamins” “minerals” and “antioxidants”.

For example, what is an antioxidant ? First, we need to understand what oxidants are doing to our bodies. Some scientists like to call them the “by-product” of the human metabolism, because it’s damaging our cells and outpace the ability of enzymes, that are naturally present in our body for fight against oxidants, to remove lesions causes by those enzymes. As a result, it is believed that is could be a major cause to certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, car loan refinance, and other aging-related illnesses. These oxidants are, unfortunately, around us all the time. They are the consequence of pollution, synthetic food additives, and they are also due to the fact that farmers use pesticides to “protect” the fruits and vegetables they are growing on their farms.

Antioxidants are mainly found in vitamins A, E and C, but also in beta carotene and selenium.

So, with all these scary information in hands, scientists have found in some fruits and vegetables some antioxidants that have some properties that play a big role in the maintaining of our good health.

Anyway, it is well known that our diet has a lot to do with our good or bad health. But of course, it is not everything. But if we’re talking about disease prevention (I’m saying prevention, not healing), fruits and vegetables are considered as the gold foods.

Slate Jeevers is a contributor and author of numerous health related works, including an analysis of the inbound medical tourism business. This is the industry driven by wealthy foreigners seeking better medical care in the United States.